goHunterdon - Traffic Alert Service

We recommend using a personal email address account to sign up to receive alerts. goHunterdon's Traffic Alert Service may not be compatible with all corporate email servers.

In order to make alerts as concise as possible, the following abbreviations are used in the alerts.  The format of alerts is the name of the roadway, followed by relevant exit number, town and brief description.
  • EB- Eastbound
  • WB- Westbound
  • NB- Northbound
  • SB- Southbound
  • BD- Both Directions
  • IAO- In Area Of
  • OT- Overturned
  • TT- Tractor Trailer
Need to update an existing subscription?
If you already subscribe to our traffic alerts and want to change your preferences, simply click the 'update alert preferences' link at the bottom of any of our previous traffic alert emails.
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